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Wedding Dog Trainer

Are you looking to include your family dog into your wedding? We can help! We offer a specialized dog training service specifically for weddings.

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Wedding dog trainer (ModernDog)

Dog training for weddings should be done by an experienced professional.

Ideally, you want to find someone who has been involved in animal behavior modification and/or obedience training for at least a few years, as they will have the expertise to help ensure that your wedding pet is well-behaved and happy throughout the ceremony.

A wedding dog handler can help reduce stress and anxiety for both pet and owner by providing an extra set of eyes to ensure that your wedding pet is happy and comfortable throughout the ceremony.

They can also provide guidance on how to handle unexpected behaviors, give tips on staying cool in stressful wedding situations, and even offer advice about wedding pet etiquette.

ModernDog, Wedding Dog Handler, Call Now – (904) 606-6112 or schedule a free consultation.

In today’s world people work really hard to incorporate their 4 legged family members into their weddings. This can look like many different things:

  • Walking down the aisle with a member of the wedding party
  • Walking down the aisle on their own
  • Sitting beside someone during the ceremony
  • Aiding in hosting the reception

We’re here to help clients figure out the best place for their pet to be involved, as well as provide care and transportation on the big day. We start with a complimentary consultation and build a tailed plan from there based on time til wedding, prior training, and potential future training. 

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