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Private Dog Training Jacksonville, FL

Private Dog Training By Modern Dog (904) 606-6112

Modern Dog offers private dog training in Jacksonville, FL

Modern Dog offers professional private dog training in Jacksonville, FL and all surrounding areas. To learn more about our private dog training program give us a call today.

This training is meant to bring out the very, very best in every dog/owner relationship. This training is meant to teach and inspire owners to work with their dogs for life.

This provides the foundation for lifelong training and skill acquirement. 

This training is designed to teach the owners to train.

If you’re struggling to find joy in your relationship with your dog. If you’re frustrated by your dog. If you want to be able to manage your dog anywhere at anytime.¬†

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Our Program Overview

This will provide an in-depth education on training your dog and a HIGHLY structured communication system.

This will address complete off leash obedience. This will help owners learn how to troubleshoot their own dog. 

This Program Will Focus On The Following Issues & Behaviors:

    • In house manners

    • In public manners

    • On leash manners

    • Disobedience

    • Unreliable obedience

    • Anxiety

    • Separation anxiety

    • Guarding

    • Destructive tendencies

    • Reactivity¬†

It will also focus on creating deep respect & gratitude for the handler. A clear communication system that’s able to be applied limitlessly for life. Clarity and confidence.


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More About Our Program

This program includes 6 private lessons, 1 group lesson and all training equipment is included.

The private lesson structure consists of 1-4 in-home lessons, 2-4 public lessons, and 1 group lesson. We train you to train your dog. The majority is done through homework. 24/7 support is provided during this time. 

If the behavior of your dog, inside or outside your home, is making it difficult to enjoy time with your pet dog, consider bringing them to ModernDog for innovative and effective training. 

Choose ModernDog for Your Professional Dog Training Needs

For up-to-date methods in private dog training, FL depends on ModernDog. Call us at (904) 606-6112 to ask questions or book a training session in Jacksonville, FL today.


Questions? Call Us (904) 606-6112


Dogs are adaptable, social animals that can benefit from training in an enriched environment under the care of compassionate and knowledgeable handlers. Our training process at ModernDog includes a gentle regimen based in our current understanding of animal psychology. We’ll get to know your pet and tailor our approach to their personality for lasting behavioral change without traumatic or fear-inducing experiences.

Dogs, like many animals, learn by forming associations. Training helps them to associate people, things, and events with behaviors that are adaptive instead of distressing or harmful behaviors. For example, if a dog encounters a neighbor’s dog, it might respond naturally by barking excessively. A training program can help it learn to behave differently the next time it is in the same situation.

Some dog behaviors are natural products of evolution, and dogs learn other behaviors as puppies or later in life. Professional trainers can recognize the instinctual and learned triggers for behavior and subtly adjust them through rewards, shaping, and support.

We offer private dog training in Jacksonville, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Gainesville, Mandarin, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine, Daytona, Orlando and all surrounding areas in Florida.

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ModernDog is here for all of your training needs. If you are in need of professional training contact us today below to schedule a free consultation.