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Eliminate Your Dog’s Bad Behavior And Create The Ultimate Bond Between Your And Your Pet.

Tired of dealing with your pet’s annoying habits?

Looking for a reliable and obedient pet that fits into the human world rather than the other way around?

Our board and train program provides your dog with a complete overhaul to help you achieve the perfect canine companion. With our training, dog owners who are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by their furry friend’s behavior can finally have peace of mind knowing they will receive professional instruction on how to obtain an ideal pooch – all in less time than it takes alone!

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Our Board and Train Program Overview

Today’s busy world can be a challenge for any canine companion. This training focuses on addressing and improving unwanted behaviors, helping dogs to learn how to adapt with composure in even the unfamiliar environments they may encounter. By promoting clear communication between dog and handler, this program will help create an understanding bond that is sure to stand the test of time!

This Program Will Focus On The Following Issues & Behaviors:

    • In house manners

    • In public manners

    • On leash manners

    • Disobedience

    • Unreliable obedience

    • Anxiety

    • Separation anxiety

    • Guarding

    • Destructive tendencies

    • Reactivity 

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Our Training Program

This training includes a 3 week, in home board and train with complete off leash obedience. The camp is followed by 3 private handler lessons and 1 group class. This includes all equipment and lifetime support. The training begins with relationship building and positive reinforcement in a completely controlled environment. The expectation is continuously built in a controlled environment, but quickly moved into public spaces as we implement training collars and the pressure of distractions. The first of 3 lessons is on the day of go home. Then we progress through the curriculum with the owners in the same order, completing with a group class and celebration.


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Questions? Call Us (904) 606-6112


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