Puppy Obedience 101: Training Tips for Pet Parents

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Are you tired of your playful pup wreaking havoc in your home? Or maybe they just won’t stop chewing up your favorite shoes? As a pet parent, mastering the art of puppy obedience training can feel like trying to scale Everest without a guide. But don’t worry, because we’ve got the answer for you! Weaving […]

How To Teach Basic Obedience Commands To Dogs

Dogs are wonderful and loyal companions, but they can also be challenging. Teaching your canine friend basic obedience commands can make life much easier for you and your pup. Obedience training helps ensure your dog is safe and well-behaved, making it an essential part of responsible pet ownership. ModernDog, the professional dog training center in […]

Introducing a New Dog to Your Home: Tips for a Smooth Transition with Other Dogs

Greetings from ModernDog, Jacksonville’s BEST Dog Trainers! Undoubtedly, bringing a new puppy home is an exciting journey, but it can be a tricky transition for everyone involved, particularly if you already have a furry friend. Sharing your existing dog’s home and affection with a new dog can be challenging, and introducing a new pup to […]

Dog Training 101: Essential Dos and Don’ts for a Well-Behaved Pet

With all the love and companionship our furry friends provide, it’s no wonder why most of us humans have such a special relationship with our dogs. We all want the best for our pups, and training is critical for all owners to be confident and proud of their dog’s behavior. However, many owners need help […]