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About Us

ModernDog began when I realized my passion for training was rooted as much in the people side as the dog side.

While working in a high volume facility I would find myself looking more forward to coaching and teaching the humans as much as the dogs. When you’re running 10 – 16 dogs at a time, your daily time within lessons is limited. 

Additionally, I saw a need for more offsite proofing. With lessons being held at a training center you’re limited to the controlled environment. This is great for training wheels. However, I’ve come to realize that clients need as much work to generalize their skill set as dogs do. I wanted to be able to provide a business model that lets me meet clients where they are and tailor the training they need. 

Today’s world continues to open its doors to the modern dog in regards to dining, parks, hotels, stores, malls. If a dog is not engaged in a structured communication system, they’re unable to experience these freedoms.

If a handler cannot set a general tone or maintain consistency – they’ll never truly be able to truly take advantage of these things. This business model allows for training in a variety of venues and consistent support during homework.

Are you in search of a professional dog trainer in and around the Jacksonville FL area? We can help. Schedule a free consultation today. Contact us here, and tell us a little more about your dog and your goals. Our team of experts will advise you on what we recommend to help you both reach your training goals.